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Fleeing the Stars & Stripes

Fleeing the US
December 28th, 2006

i spent my last night in the united states asleep on a pull-out couch in the washington dc townhome of my old college roommate wes. using a buddy-pass generously provided by ron fox, i flew up to washington d.c. for one last hurrah in the states before fleeing to the orient.

the idea that i was going to korea never truly settled with me. even as i stared around at the mass of koreans around me in the airport, it seemed more like a fantasy, some whim that could disappear at any moment and so never really took root in my psyche. sure, i suddenly grabbed wes on the way to the airport and yelled, “turn this car around, i was joking man, i was trying to see how far you guys would let me get!” but my course was set, and i never really got it.

i get it now. i’ve been in korea a week now, and reality is unfolding before me, sometimes slowly, sometimes like a bucket of water flung in my face. and so my korean saga begins…


  1. ahh sheebal. don’t worry bruthu. as long as i’m here shorty, everythings gonna be aight.

  2. You could use a bucket of cold water every now and then…

  3. Hey Mike, I can’t believe you went through with it. haha, well I need to know the best way to keep in touch with you. Um, well anyways, just get back to me. Oh yeah, what do you want me to do with your mail that comes here? And, did you still want to find out more about that house down the street? Just keep in contact, I know this is your busy month over there, so hopefully you’re getting some rest, but it’s busy. I’ve been busy here myself, cause work is starting to really suck!!!! I’m trying though, and just going with the flow for now. That’s all I can do. Well send some pics via email or web posts, and it’d be great to see ya again. Miss ya!

  4. Hey Mike! I enjoyed the first blog. Looking forward to read the others.

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