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Don’t mess with the wizard

January 12th, 2007

my class levels vary from kids who speak in single-word responses to kids who have studied abroad and can speak fluently. sometimes it’s just the contrast of struggling through a lower level class that makes the repartee in the latter funny. here are two short anecdotes from the latter category.

potter: why did you come to korea?
me: to teach you guys.
potter: but why here?
me: i did my research, i looked into it. i checked out greece, italy, japan, china, the phillipines, south america. korea had the best combination of things i was looking for.
potter: [incredulously] you did research?
me: sure did. i’m a market researcher, that’s what i do.
potter: prove it.
me: [stunned silence] – what?
potter: [straight faced] – prove it.

this may sound, from american ears, like a typical obnoxious middle school student challenging authority. what you must know is that the relative shyness of students and principle of social harmony in korea make these types of exchanges rare. no punishment is needed here; 10 points to griffindor for non-conformity!

kid: you know harry potter?
me: not personally.
kid: harry potter?
me: which movie are you talking about? i’ve only seen 1 i think.
kid: you haven’t read the books?
me: no.
kid [turns to other friend, and says disapprovingly under his breath]: lazy.

again, this got a great laugh out of me. i pulled the novel i had been reading from my briefcase, infinite jest, a 1000+ page tome written on bible-thin pages, and thumped it on his desk. “lazy indeed. struggle through a page or two of this, and talk to me about lazy. interested in some homework reading?” he looks at the open book, looks back at me and says, “so, you still haven’t read harry potter.”

can’t argue with the kid. new goal for korea: read harry potter.

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