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Hogwarts in Korea

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January 4th, 2007

i teach harry potter. there’s a kid in my “returnee” class (students who have studied abroad) who couldn’t look more like potter if he tried. he’s eluded any attempts to capture him on film, as i’m pretty sure it’d be unsafe what with voldemort out there and all. here’s the closest i got (voldemort, turn your head):

in my standard introductions to my classes, they go through a battery of questions. the first is always “how old are you?” next, “where are you from?” third, “are you married?” in some of the advanced classes, they push the envelope.

potter queried, “why are you in korea?”
i had actually fielded this question before, without issue. so i harkened to my standard response.
“to teach you guys!”

the class sarcastically oohs, “awwwwwww..” which potter punctuates with a “you’re killing me.”

i proceed with the 30 minute version of my life story. not to pull any wool over their eyes (plus, i can say anything with impunity), i try to detail my journey from VA to FL to SC to Korea as truthfully as possible.

potter shoots his hand up as i explain the complexities of relationships and why i found myself single after a long-term romance (clearly, with the “you’re killing me” comment, they’re ready for advanced topics).

“so she broke up with you.”

i kind of chuckle at his directness, and reply “no, we came to a crossroads…” and continue explaining the factors that led to my leaving florida.

potter’s hand goes up again; i acknowledge it: “so you broke up with her.”

again i can’t help but laughing. “no potter, it’s not that simple – class, do you know what ‘mutual’ means?” i work in an impromptu vocabulary lesson. seemingly satisfied, the class allows me to finish out my introduction.

now done, i ask if anyone has any questions. potter does. i roll my eyes jokingly and point to him.

“so after you teach you’re going to go back to the united states to be with your girlfriend?”

the class laughs, and i join them. certainly they don’t understand what i’m laughing at, but potter has managed to humor us all. i’ll bet teachers across the world have classroom anecdotes that seem like their own little private jokes. i can tell this job’s going to have its share of laughs. some may not translate, but i can’t help but try to pass a few along.

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