Proving Du’s point

January 19th, 2007

du: have you met the boss?
me: you mean won jang nim?
du: yeah.
me: of course, he and i sat down and talked as soon as i got here.
du: is it easy to make won jang nim mad?
me: i don’t think so; he’s a fair man. if you gave him a reason to get mad, sure he’ll probably be upset. but thankfully i’ve given him no cause to be angry with me.
du: are you fair?
me: am i fair? sure i am. does it seem like i get mad easily?
du: [short silence – nods his head in resignation as if he didn’t want to answer, like an abused student.]
me: [shocked] what? i don’t get mad easily!
du: you’re mad right now.

at this he started laughing in victory, i in defeat. the spectrum among the students here is wide. one hour i’ll be wrestling for attention from sleep and cell phones, trying to conjure a sound from silence, the next i’ll be verbally sparring, dancing around the wily games played by worldly children who are sharp as tacks.

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