March: in like a lion, out like a lamb

March 21st, 2007

a march e-mail roundup will provide a nice, personal revelation of my month 3 into korea:
(this blog is not meant to be PC – i acknowledge the risk some of my statements engender, but i am not and will never be a politician. i refuse to cow in order to live. i prefer the life of freedom, and whatever that entails, to the life of watching my steps and coming across as the “safe” liked-by-all persona that many of us often aspire to [notice i’ve included myself, in my mellower moments]. said like george bush: this disclaimer just makes me feel good, i like to justify, cuz it has the root of justice, and that just feels right.)

ah, good memories of reading out on the patio in sunny FL – funny that you’d remember that, having never seen the house. we do go to cafés to read, but it’s purely for pleasure. my work stays at the office. this ain’t kdr; it’s more like my bank job: the whistle blows and I’m free to be me. but yes, more time is spent inside due to the smog. I’ve actually invested in a personal sars/cold/smog mask for my protection. no lie.

hell yeah, I left western cuisine where it belongs – in the west. we continue to push the envelope on a daily basis. we ask our korean mates about new and interesting places to eat. it’s a game to me, to see where I draw the line. eventually, we’ll exhaust our options, and then I’ll get to pick and choose my favorites. some are already emerging (that I mentioned) – dak galbi is awesome.. wednesday is actually dak day here. my bro and I have a 2 period break on wed, and we go (sometimes we bring korean teachers) to a place that knows us by name and hooks us up with service. free cokes. a few weeks ago, the owner refused to accept our payment. so we’re getting together a nice present for them. korean culture is awesome.

yeah, I’ve got drunken stories alright. I’ll tell you one at the end of this e-mail. but in march, I gave up drinking. made it past st. patty’s, so it should all be downhill from here. I needed a purity, detox, healthy run to combat the deleterious effects of soju. that stuff’s one step away from rubbing alcohol! you’ve heard right – that shit’s a dollar a bottle, which removes all barriers from people getting obliterated in a soju haze. which probably explains why I promptly got my first phone number here a few weekends ago and followed up my success with 5am phone calls on two separate occasions. I’m planning my apology call this weekend. it’ll go something like, “sorry, you’re right, I was drunk. sorry about that, I still think you’re cute, but I also understand this is the last time we’ll ever speak, so have a nice life!”

the weekend I got the number was particularly successful. my brother and I hung out with an exclusively korean contingent (no other foreigners besides us), and my liquid confidence allowed me to score with woman after woman (ji won offered her number). I took my luck into the streets (story at bottom), and with my bro ready to call it quits, the rest of us all caught a cab into seoul and unleashed it on a hip-hop club. I danced with anything without a man attached and unlike the US, was accepted so much that I had to be the one to walk away when I got tired of dancing song after song. it was beautiful. I just wandered around dancing in a sea of cute, gyrating korean clubbers. see pic attached. (sorry, you’ll just have to take my word on the cuties, I was busy dancing with them instead of filming them).

I am sorry to hear about our old friend wesley willis. I hope he is able to find happiness. you have the inside track, so I can’t bet you; I’ll just have to accept the truth with resignation. but I will bet ede using your exchange rate, so don’t tell him. I’m a millionaire before thirty, one of my life’s goals has been achieved.

the gogi in seoul: it has its days. especially near the universities, it’s head-turning central. It’ll get your blood pumping, that’s for sure. sumiko would still be hot over here, but she’d have a lot more competition. I haven’t yet seen perfection personified, but when I do I’ll be sure to either pounce or pass it along. it’s here, you can just feel it. my take: it’s all in the legs. when they do it up right, korean women rock the sexy leg look. I doff my cap.

you seen the youtube mash up of a Clinton parody featuring the 1984 apple commercial? I say pair up Clinton and obama and let’s do this. ha ha – casting an absentee vote from the far east. I’d fly back for that inauguration.

my bro and I watched both VA games live via internet at like 2am in the morning here. invited a coworker to root with us – still didn’t help us overcome TN. reynolds caught fire, and like that *pft* he was gone.

in the second picture, I challenged a guy in the street to a rock, paper, scissors contest. the stakes? his girlfriend. (background: without exception, my students all accept rock, paper, scissors as the uber-ultimate arbiter of justice, fair and indisputable beyond reproach. this extends to adults). we did best of three. the winner: mikey mogo. he shrugged, looked at his girlfriend and said, “well, sorry.”

viva korea!

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