the beach is what i saw

July 19th, 2008

i’ve been to thailand, and tonight i saw the beach with leonardo di caprio for the first time. i found myself identifying with the locales in the movie. many of the scenes included familiar scenes from my own thai experience. on one hand, there was lament. the cliche of it takes away from the uniqueness of travel.

but given the choice between traveling and cringing at a cliche versus not traveling and just wondering and not identifying? i’ll take the traveling. a movie can’t capture the feeling. pictures and stories can’t capture the smells. a movie can’t provide a direct window into the thoughts, the mental experience. the travelers met. foods tasted. yes, traveling has a full-bodied human experience that is simply not captured in any other way than actually getting off your ass and being there. tonight, i got it, from the comfort of my home in korea.

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